What is Service Design? 1

When my family and friends ask me where I work and what I do the conversation goes something like this. “Where do you work?” “Great Fridays.” “What do they do?” “Product and Service Design.” “What does that mean?”


The move to consumer centric healthcare

Last week Patients Know Best, a Great Fridays’ client, announced a partnership with the Irish Hospice Foundation to allow people to plan their end of life, digitally.


Experiencing UX London

Two Great Fridays’ experience designers: Miriam Chatt and Martin Fletcher, attended UX London. They share their thoughts about the event and what they learned from going.

Death of rectangle part 3

Death of the rectangle part three : human-to-human 1

Human-to-Human interaction is often the element of service that creates the most negativity. Think about it, what are the worst service experiences you have encountered as a consumer, as a patient, or a fan?